[resumo]Depois de 6 anos de existência, é encerrando o inbound.org e iniciada a nova comunidade chamada Growth Hub (growth.org). Confira neste artigo, como registro histórico, a reprodução do anúncio oficial (em inglês) escrito por Dharmesh Shah.[/resumo] No dia 18/04/2018, Dharmesh Shah publicou no Inbound.org:

"tl;dr: We're winding down inbound.org and starting a new community called Growth Hub (growth.org). You can migrate your inbound.org membership data using this link: https://dharme.sh/ibghuboptin (we'll bring over your karma/points and your membership start date so you get credit for being an early community member).

On the news:

A little over 6 years ago, Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz) and I launched inbound.org. We felt there was a need for a “Hacker News for Marketers”. A couple of years later, HubSpot took over the project because the project and team grew beyond something that Rand and I could grow personally outside of our respective companies. The community grew in both membership and functionality over the years. It’s been a fun, fulfilling ride.

But, it’s time to say farewell to inbound.org, as we know it. Why?

Primarily because though the concept of a community is compelling -- the core use case of user-curated marketing content is not. My suspicion is that it’s because the way people find and share content has changed a great deal since inbound.org’s inception. With the growth of messaging platforms and the sharpening of social recommendation engines, content curation via community submission and voting is useful -- but not indispensable. One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur over the years is if you haven’t created something that people truly value and would be reluctant to give up, it’s hard to have a big impact.

That’s where we found ourselves with inbound.org. So, we’re going to close that particular chapter and start writing a new one with a new perspective.

HubSpot’s mission is to help millions of organizations grow better. We think helping people connect, collaborate, and learn is an important part of that mission. We all grow better together. We are committed to investing in community and so we’re launching a new community and network initiative. We’re calling it the Growth Hub and it will live at growth.org. It’s a place for growth professionals (marketing, sales, and service) to connect, collaborate and learn.

What exactly will Growth Hub entail? Transparently, we’re still figuring that out. We know that a community is more than just a website. With the closing of inbound.org and the introduction of Growth Hub, HubSpot will be focused on re-examining what makes a community tick and creating something that (hopefully) members will find remarkably useful.

I am excited about what's to come and I hope to see many of you over on Growth Hub (growth.org). We’ve tried to make moving your account over as simple and quick as possible.

Just click this link (note: use the same email as you do to login to inbound.org).

We’re making this an “opt-in” process. So, unless you choose to join the new Growth Hub community, your account and data will not be migrated over. We did this because though Growth Hub shares the vision and values of inbound.org, it will be taking a different approach and chart its own course. We thought the right thing to do would be to let you make the choice as to whether you come with us.

I sincerely appreciate your contributions throughout the years. It’s been a lot of fun collaborating and connecting with you. Rand and I may have started this community, but it’s each of you who made it what it is. I also want to personally thank the extended inbound.org team that has built and supported the community over the years. You built something special.

As a reminder, it’s a quick process to join the new Growth Hub community, just visit: https://dharme.sh/ibghuboptin

Let’s see what we can create together in the new community.

I’m excited for the possibilities.

Cheers, Dharmesh"

Fonte: https://inbound.org/blog/farewell-to-inboundorg-and-hello-to-growth-hub-growthorg. Acesso em 18 de abril de 2018.

Mensagem de adeus ao inbound.org e olá ao Growth Hub (growth.org), por Dharmesh Shah.

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