Play-Driven Design Methodology

The smart methodology for persona engagement and spontaneous content production.

“Content is King”… but the current quality is unsatisfactory.

You’re spending an increasing amount of time and money on content marketing and social media… without even realizing it.

Yes, Inbound Marketing is the best way to attract visitors to your website and reduce your investments in sponsored links, but you may end up depending on investments in content production.

It's time to turn the game around. With Play-Driven Design it is possible to attract users’ attention to a content website, engaging them and leading them to the spontaneous content creation.

Risks of Traditional Content Marketing

  • Content produced by outsourced journalists without any emotional involvement

  • Personas created with commercial interest, without prioritizing users’ preferences

  • Content shared on social media with poor engagement

  • Users are not very interested in leaving comments

  • Users rarely have a “WOW” experience

  • Customers don’t have brand involvement

There is a smart way to create meaningful experiences: Play-Driven Design

“In play there is something ‘at play’ which transcends the immediate needs of life and imparts meaning to the action. All play means something.” — Johan Huzinga

Play-Driven Design provides an experience

Men have close relationships with games and are known to have their individual ways of playing (observer, competitive, entertaining, etc.), which can establish different types of players.

While analog games are held in predetermined places and times, they reach a wider geographic scope in the virtual world and can be played in both synchronous and asynchronous forms, acquiring a strong presence in everyday life and even being played between so-called “serious activities”.

The presence of games in our daily lives is driven by Internet-connected gadgets and screens, enabling the systems and applications to adopt game elements in contexts considered unsuitable for play – the gamification.

While games are considered free activities, these gamified systems can be practiced with both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Thus, gamification may also be understood as a precondition for application in websites.

Play-Driven Design allows content websites to create meaningful experiences and persona engagement.

Approved by the Academic Community

During two years of scientific research in Game Design and Game Play, Angelo Públio reported a theoretical discussion and conducted an action-based research to define the Play-Driven Design model as a partial requirement for obtaining a Master's degree in Design.

The model was approved in 2016 by an examination board consisting of three of the leading academic authorities in Game Design in Brazil: Professor Alexandre Santaella Braga, PhD; Professor Delmar Galisi Domingues, PhD; and Professor Sérgio Nesteriuk, PhD.

International Reporting

Play-Driven Design has gained international renown. The scientific paper that derived from the master thesis of Angelo Publio, which reflected on the Play-Driven Design methodology, was published in the May / 2017 issue of the Journal of Business and Management, after evaluation by the IOSR - International Organization for Scientific Research.

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